Key Grip - NVQ Advanced Level 3



Egripment Scanner Elite 25ft Jib

Egripment Hotshot Remote Head

Egripment Control Wheels

4 - way Eartec COMS Headsets

Egripment Mini Jib

Egripment Matador Ride-on Dolly

Egripment Focus Dolly x 2

American Ride-On Doorway Dolly

Ronford Baker 2ft & 3ft Sliders

Monopods & Scaffold Brackets

Grip-tech Slider Lengths

2ft - 3ft - 4ft - 6ft - 8ft  

Monopods & Scaffold Brackets

Moy Track 70ft Various Sizes

Ladder pod 8ft  - 14ft

Hi-Hat & Low-Hat

Ronford Baker Tall Sticks

Ronford Baker Short Sticks

Ronford Baker Rolling Spider

Ronford Baker Tri-Hat x 2

Ronford Baker 2015 Fluid Head

Ronford Baker Fluid 7 Head

Panther Gas Riser

Bazooka Base - Pots - Risers

Twin Tube Offset Ubangi x 2

Low Rocker on a Mitchell Mount

World Cup - Offsets various

Motion Bungee Rig

Ronford Baker 3-way Leveller x 2

Pags & Wedges

Apple Boxes & Camera Boxes

Grovel Pads x 2

Car Rig - Door & Bonnet

Scaffold & Rigging

Grip Bag

Equipment Cart-Barrow

GRIP TRUCK & Mileage


Groove-E Grip offers a wide range of Grip Equipment and Services required to make your 

Production happen. 

I can offer enough Grip Equipment for two-three 

camera set-ups. 

Grip packages can be specifically tailored to your 

Production requirements. 


Contact myself 

to build the Grip Package 

that best suites your Production.

Call for a Quote: 

David j Bremner 

TEL: +44 (0) 7801 439 474

FAX-Voice: +44 (0) 7092 012 302


NVQ Grip, Advanced Level 3

BECTU Health & Safety 

Passport 5947

BA Film & Video at The

International Film School of Wales

B-Tech Nat-Dip Multi Media

B-Tech Nat-Dip Web Design

BBC New Media and Graphics 

B-Tech Nat-Dip Performing Arts

Call: +44 (0) 7801 439 474



Six Minutes to Midnight: F-F

Journeys End:  Feature Film

Their Finest:  Feature Film

Friday Download:  Feature Film

Paddington:  Feature Film

Challenge 2:  Feature Film

How I Live Now:  Feature Film

Death of a Farmer:  Feature Film

Saint Dracula:  Feature Film

Qin Mi Di Ren:  Feature Film

Cocktail:  Feature Film

Fullhouse 2:  Feature Film

The Snare:  Feature Film

spo0k:  Feature Film

PULP:  Feature Film

The Italian Key:  Feature Film

Casimir Effect:  Feature Film

Shakespeare & Hathaway: TV.

The Spanish Princess:  TV.

Britannia 2: Television

Jerusalem: Television

KIRI:  Television

Into the Badlands:  Television

The White Princess:  Television

The Royals:  Television

Broadchurch III:  Television

Sherlock IV:  Television

Midsummer Night Dream:  TV.

Doctor Who:  Television

Father Brown:  Television

Hinterland:  Television

Stella:  Television

Call the Midwife:  Television

Being Human:  Television

Casualty:  Television

Peacocks Xmas Ad:  Advert

Macdonalds Xmas Ad:  Advert

Natwest Commercial:  Advert

FIFA 17 Talent:  Games Promo

Mumford & Sons:  Music Promo

Fully Equipped Grip Truck offering a full range of Grip equipment necessary to achieving your shots smoothly & safely.

I have a selection of Professional Ride-On Dolly's however if you need a larger Dolly such as a Peewee, Hybrid, Hustler or Fisher this will need to be hired in.

25ft Egripment Scanner Elite and Hotshot Remote Head

I own and can Operate an Egripment 25ft. Scanner Elite with an Egripment Hotshot Remote Head and Control Wheels

The Jib and Head can carry the weight of a fully loaded Alexa, Alexa Mini, Red or any other large Professional Film Camera with lens and accessaries. 

Egripment Scanner Elite

Egripment Hotshot

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David j Bremner - Key Grip - NVQ Advanced Level 3

+44 (0) 7801 439 474

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