Key Grip - Level 3




Egripment Scanner Elite 25ft Crane

Egripment Hotshot Remote Head

Egripment Control Wheels

Egripment Pan - Bars

28" - 15" - 7"- Monitors

4 x Eartec  Open mic -

Headset Communications

Egripment Mini Jib

Egripment Matador Ride-on Dolly

Egripment Focus Dolly x 2

American Ride-On Doorway Dolly

32 wheeled Skate Troughs

Ronford Baker 2ft & 3ft Sliders

Monopods & Scaffold Brackets

5 x Grip-tech Sliders 

2ft - 3ft - 4ft - 6ft - 8ft  

70ft of Moy Track -Various Sizes

Ladder pod x 2

Hi-Hat & Low-Hat

Ronford Baker Tall Sticks

Ronford Baker Short Sticks

Ronford Baker Rolling Spider

Ronford Baker Tri-Hat x 2

Ronford Baker 2015 Fluid Head

Ronford Baker Fluid 7 Head x 2

Panther Gas Riser

Bazooka - Pots - Risers

Twin Tube Offset Ubangi x 2

Low Rocker on a Mitchell Mount

Various Offsets 

2 x Offset Tongues

Ron-Baker 3-way Leveller x 2

Pags & Wedges

Apple Boxes & Camera Boxes

Grovel Pads x 4

Cine Saddle x 2

Steady Bag

Car Rig - Door & Bonnet

Scaffold & Rigging

Grip Bag

Equipment Cart-Barrow

3m x 3m Easy-Up with sides

GRIP TRUCK & Mileage



offers a wide range of 

Grip Equipment  

required to make your 

Production happen. 

Grip packages can be 

specifically tailored to your 

Production requirements

Daily or Weekly

Freelance Grip Packages

Also Available


to build the Grip Package 

that best suites your Production.

Call for a Quote: 

David j. Bremner 

TEL: +44 (0) 7801 439 474

FAX-Voice: +44 (0) 7092 012 302


NVQ Grip, Advanced Level 3

BA Film & Video 


The International 

Film School of Wales

Call: +44 (0) 7801 439 474




In My Skin: Television

Brave New World: Television

The Pale Horse: Television

Doc Martin: Television

The Accident: Television

Shakespeare & Hathaway: TV.

The Spanish Princess:  TV.

Britannia 2: Television

Traitors: Television

KIRI:  Television

Into the Badlands:  Television

The White Princess:  Television

The Royals:  Television

Broadchurch III:  Television

Sherlock IV:  Television

Midsummer Night Dream:  TV.

Doctor Who:  Television

Father Brown:  Television

Hinterland:  Television

Stella:  Television

Call the Midwife:  Television

Being Human:  Television

Casualty:  Television


Six Minutes to Midnight: F-F

Journeys End:  Feature Film

Their Finest:  Feature Film

Friday Download:  Feature Film

Paddington:  Feature Film

Challenge 2:  Feature Film

How I Live Now:  Feature Film

Death of a Farmer:  Feature Film

Saint Dracula:  Feature Film

Qin Mi Di Ren:  Feature Film

Cocktail:  Feature Film

Fullhouse 2:  Feature Film

The Snare:  Feature Film

spo0k:  Feature Film

PULP:  Feature Film

The Italian Key:  Feature Film

Casimir Effect:  Feature Film


Fully Equipped Grip Truck offering a full range of Grip equipment necessary to achieving 

your shots smoothly & safely.


I have a selection of Professional Ride-On Dolly's 

Egripment Matador

Egripment Focus x 2

American Doorway

however if you need a larger Dolly such as a 

Peewee, Hybrid, Hustler or Fisher 

this will need to be hired in.


Scanner Elite Camera Crane

I own and can Operate:

25ft Egripment Scanner Elite Crane

Egripment Hotshot Remote Head

Egripment Control Wheels

Egripment Pan-bars

28"- 15" -7" Monitors

4 x Eartec Open Mic Headset Comms

The Crane and Head can carry 

the weight of a fully loaded: 

Alexa - Alexa Mini - Red 

or any other large Professional 

Film Camera 

with lens and accessaries. 

Scanner Elite Camera Crane

Hotshot Remote Head

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David j. Bremner - Level 3 Grip

+44 (0) 7801 439 474